Tree of Life

Christmas is over 🙁 and we’re all exhausted, particularly after Grace’s two super early mornings. Christmas Day 3.30am and today 3.10am. But at least we all enjoyed it and got throughly spoilt, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas too? Now back to Monday Musings… I know I won’t be the first but I’m … Read More

11 weeks and 5 days

Eventually, 11 weeks and 5 days after having Grace, I finally got my wedding and engagement ring on yesterday. And I wore them all day. My podgy pregnancy fingers have finally started to slim down! Yey! I don’t actually remember the last time I wore them so pretty pleased right now. Dan was threatening (jokingly??) … Read More

The new Royal couple?

It might sound ignorant but I’m not a fan of the news. It’s usually full of such negativity that I just don’t bother. Plus I’m not keen on Oliver listening to or seeing the horror stories they report. The one thing I do love though is a bit of celebrity gossip, and the new story … Read More