Tree of Life

Christmas is over 🙁 and we’re all exhausted, particularly after Grace’s two super early mornings. Christmas Day 3.30am and today 3.10am. But at least we all enjoyed it and got throughly spoilt, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas too?

Now back to Monday Musings…

I know I won’t be the first but I’m sure I won’t be the last to say how cool I think these “Tree of Life” feeding pictures are, that are (mainly) being used to mormalise breastfeeding.
I’ve done one, and I like it. It’s not something I will be hanging on the wall at home though 😂 some of them are just beautiful, and I think you can really tell with them who the mums are who aren’t shy about having their boob out which seems to make a better picture!

So, here’s to me increasing my confidence, then maybe I’ll have a picture I’m happy to display!

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