Don’t Tell Me I Look Tired

Dont Tell Me I Look Tired

I’m tired. Massively. I know it, you know it, it’s part of the job of being a mum. We don’t need to talk about it… do we? Apparently, we do.


Don’t Tell Me I Look Tired

I have a (almost) toddler who doesn’t sleep very well. I think, for 2017, I could probably, if I tried really hard, count the number of times she’s slept longer than 4 hours overnight on my hands. It’s also rare for her to sleep more than an hour for a nap. And some days she only naps once a day. She’s tired, I’m tired, we all are. It sucks.

Before you think it, I know it could be worse. I know people who get a lot less sleep than us, and I want to go hug those parents, shake their hands and give them babysitters/cake/alcohol to help them through it.


“I Can’t Get No Sleep”

Anyway, as I was saying we don’t get much sleep here. And I know I look rubbish because of it.

I’m also an emotional eater (as well as being greedy), so the more tired I am the more junk I want to eat. Cue more looking and feeling rubbish.

Due to all this, I know I look tired. I know I look rubbish. But you know what would make me feel better? Tell me I’m doing a great job. Tell me I look happy, that my children look happy. Tell me stories to make me forget about how little sleep I’ve had over the last year. Bring me cake! Don’t tell me I look tired. That doesn’t do anyone any good.

Just so you know…


If you fancy reading more about our sleeping situation, check out my post What Is Sleep?

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  1. I always say to friends going through a similar stage of make the most of this time, as when your children reach teenage years, you won’t be able to get them up!#familyfun@_karendennis

  2. I hear you on this. Survival mode kicks in! Every Mum does the best job she can and everyone has varying circumstances. You are rocking it!! Xx ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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