Parenting Solo – How it all went!

Parenting Solo

So I know you’re all dying to know how we got on last week on my parenting solo adventure. As it turns out it wasn’t too bad!

I thought with it being half term I would find things hard but I now think it was a good week for my husband to work away. We had no school run, we didn’t have to be out by 8.45. If we wanted to sit in our pyjamas until lunch time we could have. I had a helper on hand in the shape of Oliver 24/7 (well at least until bedtime) and less after school activities for him.

I do think being a bit organised and making plans helped break the week up and meant we didn’t focus too much on missing Daddy. What was also great was that Grace didn’t sleep too badly while he was away so I didn’t feel overly exhausted (she has saved that for this week!) and was able to manage them both a bit better.

Looking back at the week, I’ve thought about what we did that worked well, and the things which didn’t so I can have success next time my husband goes away… which is next week! I have to be honest, I don’t think next week will be any where near as stress free as half term, but we shall see!

Parenting Solo Tips

  • Eat a big lunch. This sounds weird, but having a big lunch meant that I didn’t have to prepare a “dinner” at tea time. A sandwich was enough and I didn’t have to fight that pesky witching hour every night while I cooked.
  • Make plans. We had two days out and my parents came over one day so this kept us all entertained.
  • Be organised. When I knew we had plans the following day I made sure Grace’s bag was packed so there was no scrabbling for nappies, food, etc on our way out. I made a little planner so I could keep track of things too.
  • Relax. Take things in your stride. If you’re running late, don’t stress too much. There were two occasions where we were going to be late as Grace napped, I just got in touch with my friends to push back our plans a little. If you can’t manage to cook a meal from scratch, don’t worry. Have some things in the fridge/freezer you can just throw in the oven. I know this one is easier said than done sometimes, but you can always try, right?!
  • Ask for help. As I said earlier there were less activities for Oliver last week, not so next week though. So, as some clash with Grace’s bedtime or bath time, I have asked the grandparents to help out.
  • Let people help. We were invited to a friends for tea and my mum provided tea one night. Both of these eased the pressure when I was trying to co-ordinate two children into bed.

High Five to those Parenting Solo

Now I just want to say, I know for many people this wouldn’t be a big deal. Many are parenting solo for many reasons, and I salute you. Although I didn’t find the week too bad, knowing it was just a few days made it easier. If I had to face this regularly I know I would find it altogether different.

So on to the next challenge, when my husband goes away again, wish me luck!!

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  1. Great tips Emma! Especially the big lunch one. It’s the thing that seems so obvious but I always forget. You are so right about the witching hour. Its a very dangerous time…:-)

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