Week Three Weigh Day


Urgh. I hate diets! (Can you tell I didn’t lose any weight!)

I put a pound on. I know why, food out at the weekend, birthday cake, shortbread… I think I got a bit giddy losing 5lbs last week that I didn’t concentrate enough this week. I’m currently eating a spoonful of chocolate hazelnut spread to drown my sorrows then I’m going to stick back in.

I found making myself accountable by taking photos of everything I ate really made a difference last week, I didn’t want to show anyone the chicken burger I ate on Friday night or the Mini Cheddars which snuck in my gob on Sunday, so I’m going to go back to that then I can’t eat junk because I will have to tell my (few) Instagram followers that I slipped up. Me and Dan have also agreed no more fast food/takeaways/etc until after February pay day so that should help too. 

So here I go, let’s give it another go! Wish me luck!

(Image originally from McDonalds twitter page)

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