Where is my Christmas spirit?

Where is my Christmas spirit?

Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year apparently. Usually I would agree with this, even last year when I had 12 people for Christmas lunch (admittedly I only helped my mum, I wasn’t doing it all alone) but this year I’m finding it difficult to get in the Christmas spirit. I know it’s … Read More

11 weeks and 5 days

Eventually, 11 weeks and 5 days after having Grace, I finally got my wedding and engagement ring on yesterday. And I wore them all day. My podgy pregnancy fingers have finally started to slim down! Yey! I don’t actually remember the last time I wore them so pretty pleased right now. Dan was threatening (jokingly??) … Read More

Pretty Little Missy

I love receiving post. Proper, old fashioned, through the letter box, post. Not so much bills, but birthday cards, new baby cards, anything lovely and touchable. Dan doesn’t get it, he would rather never send a card, never use pen and paper for anything, he’s all about the technology. I love receiving post the most, … Read More

The new Royal couple?

It might sound ignorant but I’m not a fan of the news. It’s usually full of such negativity that I just don’t bother. Plus I’m not keen on Oliver listening to or seeing the horror stories they report. The one thing I do love though is a bit of celebrity gossip, and the new story … Read More