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Hello!! Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.

A little bit about me

I am Emma, early 30’s, married to Dan with two children Oliver and Grace. Oliver is 8 years old, though sometimes is going on 18 or 80(!) and Grace is six months. That age gap is hard! I’m sure I’ll talk more about that on a blog post some time… I love chocolate, exclamation marks and emoji’s, so no doubt will write posts littered with smirking faces and punctuation while shoving a large bar of Dairy Milk (or Galaxy, or pretty much any other variety, I’m not too picky) in my mouth. No wine yet for this Mummy, so I am making do with sweets.

I’m currently on maternity leave and hopefully I won’t be returning for some time yet, so I decided to start this blog to rant about things which are bothering me, tell you about lovely things I have bought and things I have done and seen. Let’s face it, we all love a little nose about in other people’s lives, whether  we admit it or not… seeing what they have bought for their little ones, what their opinions are on things, or (on the rare occasion as a mum) what they have treated themselves to. That’s what I love reading about and hopefully I can give you plenty to keep you entertained.

If I am lucky enough to be sent things to review I will let you know, but will always be honest regardless of whether I have received a discount or not. There’s no point me telling you something is fab if it is really a load of rubbish and letting you waste your hard earned money on it.

Again, thanks for visiting my blog, please follow me on Instagram or like me on Facebook and please leave me comments if there is anything you would like to know! ?

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