My Year In Photos

My Year In Photos

Grace’s First Year

As Grace turned one last week, I now “officially” have a toddler, not a baby. Sad days indeed!


On Grace’s second day someone (I think Dan maybe) took a lovely photo of Oliver holding her, When I came out of my birth recovery haze, it inspired me to take a photo of the two of them together each month to see how much she grew and how much Oliver changed. Where better to show them off than in a blog post!


Day Two

Oliver Grace 1


I love this photo so much. The look on Oliver’s face makes me so happy. He really did love Grace from the moment he saw her! I can’t believe how small she is, she wasn’t even a small baby (9lb 4oz)!


One Month

Grace Oct


I don’t have a one month photo of the two of them, I don’t think the idea for this project had occurred to me yet. This was at a time when she actually slept in the moses basket… that didn’t last too long!


Two Months

Oliver Grace 3


So this was back in November, clearly Grace was not in the mood for photo taking this day as she’s mid screech in this picture! I think Oliver looks a bit concerned about it all! I’m not sure if this was the day she puked all over his arm… regardless, I’ve never seen him so disgusted and horrified, I thought he was going to be sick himself!


Three Months

Oliver Grace 4


December, it’s almost Christmas… Look at the difference! Grace looks so much older and so much like herself!


Four Months

Oliver Grace 5


In January Harry Potter came to visit… honestly Oliver was obsessed with the glasses for a while! As well as his slightly lopsided hair cut I think he’s starting to look a bit older, as well as Grace looking so much more aware of whats going on.


Five Months

Oliver Grace 6


Look at those chubby cheeks! I love good cheeks on a baby.



Six Months

Oliver Grace 7


Six Months! Quite a milestone. We celebrated this month with baby rice, porridge, and purees which Grace wasn’t a fan of. We soon found she preferred broccoli florets!


Seven Months

Oliver Grace 9


Excuse the mess in the background. Although this was April, clearly the weather wasn’t good enough to hang out the washing! And yes that is Christmas paper. How embarrassing!

This was around the time when Grace realised legs were for standing on, she did NOT like to be sat down unless totally necessary, poor Oliver having to hold her up!


Eight Months

Oliver Grace 9


Grace’s true personality shining through. She’s so funny and cheeky now she’s reached 8 months. You can see her hair’s starting to get a bit longer now too.

She still wasn’t that interested in food, I’m pretty sure we were having a lot of banana to get her to eat something.


Nine Months

Oliver Grace 11


June! It’s summer! There’s a PJ party! The smiles on here are a true representation of the fun Oliver and Grace have today, it’s so cute to see them play together.


Ten Months

Oliver Grace 12


Here we are all ready for Sport’s Day, as this was only a couple of months back both Oliver and Grace look just like themselves… well Grace’s hair is a little less wild here. Those curls though!


Eleven Months

Oliver Grace 13


This is another photo I really love. Oliver’s bedroom is a really good backdrop, I don’t know why I don’t take more photos up there, and their smiles are just so natural. Grace really was happy to sit and have her photo taken at 11 months (as long as she wasn’t too tired).


Twelve Months

Oliver Grace 14


One. One whole year. I can’t believe it.

This photo is definitely a true representation of life with a one year old, what can I give her to get her to do what I want? Usually it’s food, but in this case it was the pull along Jemima Puddleduck. I got my photo though didn’t I!


I’m so pleased I captured all these moments, I love looking back to when both Oliver and Grace were small and I can’t wait to get some of these pictures framed. Have you any special ways that you have kept memories? I’d love to know!

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