Remember Me?

Remember Me

Hi! Remember me?! I’ve been away a while haven’t I!


I haven’t put anything on the blog since October (how long ago!) so I thought I’d try and explain why…


I went back to work after maternity in September which I found just as difficult as I expected. I wasn’t the mum who looked forward to going back to work for the adult conversation or the hot coffees (not just because I don’t drink coffee), I was the mum who worried that her baby would cry every minute at nursery or with Grandma. Of course that didn’t happen, and she settled at nursery and with my mum really well, but in the weeks leading up to going back to work I found myself randomly crying at the thought of leaving Grace. I was NOT ready to go back!

I also struggled adjusting to the pace of things at work. While I was off there had been a restructure so my role had changed slightly. That, combined with now only working part time left me feeling really lost day to day. I felt like I didn’t really know where I was or what I was doing.


A couple of weeks later, I started “Blogtober” which was a challenge to write a post everyday for a pre-selected topic. I think taking on this challenge totally overwhelmed me. I had loads of things in mind to write about, but nothing fit the topics for “Blogtober” and I panicked… before I knew it I was behind on the posts which started to drag me down.


Cue Christmas stress and overwhelm! I was NOT prepared for Christmas or feeling my usual festive self as Christmas approached so I decided to take a bit of a break from the blog and pick things up in a few weeks when my head was more sorted. But it didn’t really get there. The longer I took away from the blog the guiltier I felt for not posting anything, but I now didn’t feel like I had anything to say that was worth writing about which turned into a bit of a vicious circle.


But here I am. I’m back. I still don’t feel like I did before I went back to work, but no harm in giving it a go, right? I just need to get my bum into gear, get focussed and get planning. Let’s get going!!


Remember Me

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  1. Aaaah I’ve only just come across you for the first time but if it’s any consolation, I’ve linked up with something similar having gone through the worst blog slump in four years! Hats off to any working mum. I never went back to work after kids (the blog is my work…when I’m not in a blog slump!) and am blessed with a partner who stood by me in that decision as I just know I couldn’t balance it all. Hope you find your groove and start to find it easier. Best of luck! #coolmumclub

  2. I’m Glad you’re back Emma. I totally relate to your back-to-work feelings. I felt like that the first two times I went back to work after babies. Good on you for pushing on through. looking forward to reading your stuff xx

  3. It is so hard to keep up with everything when you’re working as well . I feel like my time is not my own. I did Blogtober too, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to post every day – not even close! I wrote 4 new posts and linked 3 or 4 old posts, but it was the push that I needed to be more productive. Right now I need to get back on track – one of my goals thia year is to post once a week and I did achieve that in January, but i haven’t posted once yet this month (although I have written nearly 2 guest posts which is some consolation). I have so many ideas and planned posts but making time to write is a challenge. By the time I sit down to do something in the evenings I’m so tired I just can’t do anything. I suppose its a matter of organising my time better. Well done for getting back to your blog – stay motivated; the more you write the easier it becomes and the ideas will start flowing again!

  4. Nice to meet you Emma. It’s funny reflecting back on my 2nd pregnancy, I felt like you do now and I am going through a little bit of it now too, the youngest is now 5. The time goes so quickly and I feel like I wished it away all too soon! #Coolmumclub

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