Our Summer Holiday Update – Part One

So we’re over two weeks into the summer holidays, have we ticked anything off the Summer Holiday Wish List?



In the first week of the holidays, while we dodged the rain we managed to take Grace swimming for the first time. Dan was off work so all four of us went along to the local leisure centre. It was a bit hectic, as we had to fit in the trip between swimming lessons and Grace needing a nap, but we got there and it was actually really good. We were worried how she would react to the pool. She’s been hit and miss with the bath. She went through a phase where she hated it back in December, and if she’s too tired she won’t put up with it now either.

I don’t know about your local pool, but ours is always quite cool. I was worried it’d be too cold for her and we’d be out in 5 minutes.


She loved it! If there hadn’t been a lesson due to start I think she could have stayed in longer than the half an hour we had… she did drink a lot of pool water though!




Beamish Museum

At Oliver’s request we visited Beamish in that first week too, luckily on a morning that was pretty much dry! He had me all over the place! One downside of having a pram is the difficulty getting on the trams and buses so we walked a lot that day.

We had a look in the sweet shop (and got practically robbed for a bag of fudge) and with his money burning a hole in his pocket we stopped in the gift shop on the way out. He was one happy child!

Summer At Beamish Museum



crossMonk Park Farm

We didn’t manage to get to Monk Park Farm, which I’m a little bit gutted about. The day we arranged to meet my cousins had a forecast of heavy rain so we went to soft play instead. It was a good job we did though, as after lunch it was torrential! Soft play was a hit, and at least we didn’t have to worry about any of the children running off!



tickAlnwick Castle

Finally, we spent the day at Alnwick Castle and we must have enjoyed ourselves as the time just flew by. There was so much to see there, so it’s great that the tickets are valid for 12 months! I’m going to do a post about our day here separately, but here’s some photos for now ?

Alnwick Castle

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