5 Essentials When Buying a New Family Car

5 Essentials When Buying A New Family Car

We started looking for a new family car at the weekend. My 11 year old Toyota Corolla is getting on a bit and I need something I can rely upon. Dan’s is fine, he has a Nissan Qashqai. It’s reasonably new but its expensive and we thought we might be able to get a better deal if we sold both and got two mid size cars.

This got me thinking, what are the essentials when it comes to getting a family car?


Here are my top 5 essentials:

  • affordable – both to buy and run. You don’t want a car which will break the bank to purchase, and you want to be able to fill the tank or get a new tyre (for example) without needing a second mortgage!
  • big boot – this is probably, for me, more importable than the affordability. I carry a lot of junk generally, and even more now we have a pram and all the other baby paraphernalia. My boot just isn’t quite big enough whereas the Qashqai is great and we can get everything we need in so we would need something to match that.
  • Bluetooth – this isn’t something I would have probably put on the list until recently. The new mobile phone regulations meanI’m more concerned about my phone in the car. Although it has hand free I don’t even want to answer it to turn that on and I miss a lot of calls. Bluetooth capability in the car would mean I can answer, or call, if I need to without worrying.
  • ISOFIX connections – my car is so old the ISOFIX is a type that lots of baby car seats don’t fit with it. When I have been looking for the next stage seats for Grace there are so many that I just wouldn’t have been able to use. Having a new car with the new ISOFIX system is really important for me.
  • back seat space – I’m only little, so I don’t need a lot of leg room but I have a feeling Oliver is going to need lots of space and while Grace is still small I like them to be in the back together. Having a roomy back seat will mean theres plenty of space for them to bring toys and (on longer journeys) snacks without squashing them both in!

There is one more thing which is a deal breaker for me…colour. I know it won’t matter to everyone, and its certainly not as essential as those above, but for me red is a no-no. I’d be happy to go with almost anything else! I really, really don’t like red (except at Christmas!). If my dream car ticked every other box but colour it would take some serious thinking to get over it! Sorry anyone who has or loves red cars!!

So there you have it, these are the things I think are important to remember when looking for a new family car. What do you think, would you agree these things are essential or is something else more important to you? Do you know if a car which would tick all these boxes for me, I’d love it if you could recommend something!


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  1. We’re looking for a bigger car too, now we have two grandchildren. I think your top five are spot on although i hadn’t thought about Bluetooth. All the new cars are white too, I really don’t want white #blogtober17

    1. My husband went with a white car in the end! Bluetooth was never a priority to me, but I used to get hassle as I couldn’t answer the phone and with the new laws I think it’s more important than it once was. I love it now I have it!

  2. Colour is important to me too!! I want to upgrade from my Zafira (60 reg) to something a bit newer but maybe not quite as big. I don’t actually need the 7 seats but the huge boot space is lovely! #Blogtober17

    1. Phew! At least it’s not just me!! You get used to the space don’t you, I have too much junk in mine to have a tiny car anyway haha

    1. It sounds so superficial doesn’t it, but I think a car in a colour you hated would make you really unhappy when you drove it!

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