A Compilation

A bit of a random compilation this week…

  • Sir Mo

I didn’t know Mo Farah had been knighted in the New Years Honors List, isn’t that lovely! What I found surprising though, is that he lives in America. I can’t quite get my head round the fact that a British gold medalist lives over there… is that just me? He put a post on Facebook over the weekend about the possibility of him not being allowed to stay over there, if you missed it I’ve shared it over on my Facebook page, check it out here.

  • Play date etiquette

How much prior info should you give for a play date? I read a post by Shinners and the Brood (If Playdates Came With A Warning) where she suggests a letter of recommendation would be great before a new play date. I really agree! There’s nothing worse than finding out that your child’s friend doesn’t eat meat if you’ve made chicken nuggets and chips for tea… how much information do you give when you are setting up a new play date?

  • Celebrity Big Brother

I’m totally into CBB this year. I haven’t watched Big Brother for years but I was curious about who was going into the house this year and when I saw James Cosmo I was intrigued. I love him! He seems like such a lovely man, I may be biased by my love of Game of Thrones but I think he’s brilliant. My top three are James, Coleen Nolan and Calum Best. I think Coleen is so genuine and I’m surprised at how nice Calum is coming across, not the playboy he was always billed to be. I don’t know who is voting to save Kim though, is it people who enjoy her fights with the others? Surely no one can actually like her?!


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