Birthdays for boys

A delayed Monday Musing, apologies! I’m very wrapped in trying to get this small human to bed as easily as possible at the moment (which isn’t really happening). She’s gone from a 7.30ish bedtime to anything up to 9pm leaving hardly any evening for me.

Anywho… it’s Dan’s thirtieth birthday today and in the run up it’s reminded me once again so hard it is to buy for men. Boys not so much, lego, toys and the like, but men? They are so tricky!

I got him a hamper of goodies from Oliver and Grace, coffee, sweets, a homemade photo frame with a photo of the three of them in it to name a few of the things, but I said I would just get him something when there was something he fancied (I mean what do you buy the man who bought himself a brand new MacBook Pro and an Apple Watch last year?!). Turns out that something was trainers which I spent a pretty penny on today. But you only turn 30 once right 🙂

We went to Nando’s in Durham for tea tonight, the first time with Grace, and Dan was mega impressed with one of the staff in particular. We think she may have been the the manager or supervisor, she was called Nicola. I was feeding Grace when she brought the food to our table and she offered to take my food back and keep it warm for me while I fed her! I was quite happy to eat a pitta and mash one handed, especially since I know Grace doesn’t tend to feed for too long when out and about, but we both thought this was a really kind thought. I’m not sure if this is company policy or just Nicola’s generosity but I would definitely recommend it to any breastfeeding mums out there… bring on the chicken!!

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