Half Term Thoughts

Is it over yet? Is it time for Oliver to go back to school?

These were my actual thoughts by about 7.10am today, the idea of entertaining two children for five days was just too much (especially on another night of rubbish sleep). 

But we are one day down and I know by the time we get to the weekend I’ll be sad for him to have to go back.

Another thing I dislike about half term or bank holidays are how (often) they coincide with the week before pay day! It’s like the schools know you’ll be pushing yourself to the limit to keep your children happy and occupied. I know Lightwater Valley were offering discounted day tickets for this week, more places should do things like this to give parents a break when costs for childcare and other essentials are already so high, unlike holiday companies who hike up the prices.

Now, on an unrelated topic, I’m totally in love with Instagram. I used to be obsessed with Facebook but about two years ago I cut myself off and stopped trawling it quite so religiously, but it looks like I transferred my love to Instagram šŸ˜‚ I know Instagram stories have been around for a while now but I can’t get enough, Dan thinks I’m ridiculous and has started to do impressions of some of the accounts I follow. I don’t think he gets it. I just like getting that sneak peak into people’s lives and knowing they are as messy and dysfunctional as I am, it’s not all well presented houses and angelic children 24/7 as photos can make it seem. I don’t need to beat myself up about those days I’m trapped under a hungry or sleeping baby and haven’t had time to empty the washing machine! I’ve not had the courage to do any myself yet, I kind of think I don’t have anything to say (says the girl writing a blog post?)! I’ve also just discovered these competition “loops”. Oh my word they are amazing. Basically businesses team up and you have to loop round them all and follow them to get a chance at winning a prize from each company. I’ve found so many cool companies (lots of baby stuff), I just wish my maternity pay would stretch further!!! Or maybe it’s a good thing it doesnt, as my house would be fit to burst with all the cute decorations, clothes and hair bows I come across! But if you see any of these on my page, please check out the businesses as they all seem fab.

Right, off to sleep I must go, ready for day two of half term……

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