Happy New Year


Apologies in advance, I hope you can make it to the end…!

2017 is here. How did that happen?? 2016 flew by, and each year seems to speed by faster and faster, especially with children along for the ride!

Oliver and GraceObviously, the big highlight of our year is Grace making her arrival. I still sometimes can’t believe I have another child, especially not one who is almost 4 months old! I want her to stay small forever but I’m also really excited to see her character develop over this next year and see what kind of little person she becomes… Also, she will literally stick anything in her mouth, her hands, our hands, her clothes, muslin squares, so I can’t wait to see her face when it turns out to be food that’s going in!


wp_20160402_11_26_09_proI also loved being able to take Oliver to London for the first time. It was always somewhere he loved seeing on tv and he loves the Royal Family so seeing Buckingham Palace was great. Going to the Tower of London was such a great day out too! We spent hours there and Oliver learnt loads, he loves a good fact.

I would love to go back with him again and go to some of the places we missed last time, the Natural History Museum and the Harry Potter Studio Tour (he loves Harry Potter. He hasn’t even read all the books or seen all the films but Harry Potter goodies were on the top of his 2016 Christmas list!).



Are you making any New Year Resolutions? I’m not one for making them, I think a lot of the time they get broken before January is even over and often they are unrealistic, but this year I’m making an exception. Kind of. I’m going to make some ‘tries’.

I’m going to try to be more organised. I am so massively unorganised, we can be going out for a particular thing and I’ll totally forget about it, like when I wanted to try and exchange some wrapping paper before Christmas but left it all at home. But I got a calendar, one of those family planner ones, for Christmas as well as a “Life Book” from Dan which is like a super jazzy, pimped up diary. It has tear off shopping list columns, to do lists, pages for Christmas present ideas, weekly planners, and stickers! Stickers for activities, appointments, all kinds of things. It’s very cool. So of course I need to use this and if I do then I will at least appear to be organised?! Right?

I also hope that if I become more organised I can try and become more patient. Some days when we are trying to get ready to go to school, for example, I really lose my shit. I’m trying to scramble to get Grace into her all-in-one and she’s crying and Oliver is doing laps of the kitchen and not putting on his shoes, or coat, or scarf, or gloves, and I’m trying to remember all the bags he needs for different activities then I end up losing my cool. Surely if I’m more organised then this would be less likely to happen? I am quite impatient with others generally,  so if I can be more patient with myself, and with Oliver, maybe that will filter through and I will gradually be calmer in day to day life. Hey, at least I can hope!

So 2017, I am going to focus on trying my best for being organised and patient, and look forward to everything to come in 2017; a special birthday for both Dan and my Mum, lots of maternity leave left where I hope I can spend even more time with Oliver, family and friends as Grace grows, Grace’s christening and her FIRST birthday!

I hope you all have a Happy New Year, wishing you lots of love for a happy and healthy 2017!

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