Not so much Monday Musings but Monday mah-help!

Grace hates the bath. 

She’s like actually petrified. The first two months were great, she was really enjoying it and starting to splash her feet but now does NOT like it at all!

She’s fine on the changing mat as we are getting ready then it’s as if, at 3months old, she knows she will be plopped in the bath because she holds on tight and the minute her legs touch the water she balls her eyes out.

We got a bath support for her to use in the proper bath as she’s too big really for the baby bath, hates that. I have tried her twice in the baby bath again, hates that. Tried the water warmer, colder, deeper, shallower. Hates. It. All. ?

Can somebody please give me some suggestions about how I can get her to be happy in the bath again??!! HELP! 

(Photo courtesy of Google Image Search)

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