So yesterday I had to detail Dan and Oliver’s hobbies which got me thinking. When you’re an adult, and you have a job, a family, commitments, what counts as a hobby?

These are things you get asked about on job applications and at interviews, the things you find you have in common when you’re making new friends, what makes you interesting and makes you tick I suppose. But what counts as a hobby?

Does staying at home, watching movies and eating chocolate spread with a spoon count as a hobby? In this “modern age” does trawling Instagram and Facebook count as a hobby? Can you call it a hobby if you don’t currently do it? If life gets in the way and you can no longer do much more than housework, look after children and cook with the occasional play date or trip to a baby group?

What do you think? And what’s your most interesting hobby… maybe you can inspire me to pick up something new… if I ever get a moment to myself ?

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