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I saw a bit on TV this morning by Martin Lewis (of course about saving money) and I thought I’d pass on a couple of useful things he mentioned and I’ve picked up recently.
This is not a sponsored post or anything like that, it’s just a few things which I think are really good and can help save a little bit of money – which I definitely need now I’m on maternity pay!!

First, there’s a Money Saving Expert Cheap Energy Club. I heard about this before Christmas, our fixed price package was due to end so I was looking for new deals. I found the Cheap Energy Club and basically they do it all for you for free (almost)! You tell them what tariff you’re on and they bring back the cheaper (or similar) deals. They also check every month in case something better comes along – though we’re now on another fixed deal which has an early exit fee so I don’t think we will hear anything about it until it’s due to come to an end? The new tariff I picked also had a money back bonus which wasn’t available if I switched to them by myself, but the Cheap Energy Club keeps half of this. Still though, we got £30 for nothing, and our Direct Debit reduced by over £20 a month!

Next, our friends have been raving about the cash back/rewards you can get by switching bank accounts. It’s not something we’ve done yet, I think Dan might have a go at it, but by switching accounts, opening new accounts and setting up some Direct Debits, and having “reward” accounts our friends have earned themselves hundreds of pounds!! I think in the beginning it’ll be time consuming and you’ll really have to keep a track on what money’s going where when but it sounds like it can be a real winner! It can (temporarily) affect your credit rating, so if you’re looking at getting a mortgage, credit card or anything like that then maybe hold off doing all this switching.

Also, meat. We don’t buy supermarket meat any more (unless we’re really desperate or I’ve forgotten to take any out of the freezer!), we get it all online. The usual site we buy from is Live Lean and they do fab hampers starting from around £50 although they have a sample box on at the moment for £24.95. We usually get chicken breasts, extra lean mince then a combination of things like sausages, burgers and steaks depending which package we buy. It’s all really nice, good quality stuff.

We have also tried Muscle Food recently, Dan got some steaks on an offer and we got a big bag of chicken breasts (5kg for £25). Buying meat online in bulk has been a real money saver for us, because we would buy meat from the shops and sometimes it would get wasted if it didn’t get used or put into the freezer in time, and the chicken we bought always shrunk down to nothing. All the meat we get now gets split into portions and straight into the freezer. I quite like seeing loads of food in the freezer too ?

Lastly, today I saw Martin Lewis talking about the Marriage Tax Allowance, which is for married couples or people in civil partnerships. If one of the couple earn under the tax threshold they can move some of their tax free allowance to the other person. For example, if I earned £8000 a year (under the 2016/17 allowance of £11,000) or didn’t work, and Dan earned £20,000 then I can transfer £1100 of my tax free allowance to Dan, so he pays less tax. I think you end up with around £200 more per year, and they can backdate for one year. It’s a bit rubbish though that unmarried families can’t apply for this though, it would really help out them out when money is already tight…

Do you guys have any good money saving ideas? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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