Mr President and Other Things

So… Donald Trump… wasn’t expecting that! I’m curious to see how that pans out! I have seen some brilliant memes and videos of Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the wake of all this though ?

On Sunday Oliver took part in the Remembrance Parade as part of his Beavers group and as he will move up to Cubs next year he got to carry the flag. I was so proud, he looked dead pleased with himself. I love the parades (he’s done a St George’s Day one and now two Remembrance Parades), all the children who take part look so smart, the band who lead the march are brilliant and I think it’s particularly important for them to understand why 11th November should be remembered. 

Finally, Dan is trying to get us to say “nuggies” at McDonalds when we go through the drive thru rather than chicken nuggets, me and Oliver find this really embarrassing but Dan thinks this is hilarious… tonight the girl did a snigger when he said it! What do you think, would you be persuaded by your other half to join in the “nuggies”?? Let me know!

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