The Widowmaker

Does anyone else have a technology obsessive in their lives? I’m married to one (hello Dan!) and there’s always something on the horizon that may need to be bought… since our first anniversary in 2015 where I bought Dan a PS4 (I got a DKNY handbag by the way ?) I have seen Dan buy:

  • A PS Vita 
  • A Wii U
  • A Nintendo 3DS
  • A Galaxy S7 Edge
  • An iPhone 7
  • A MacBook Pro 
  • A Samsung TV
  • An iPad (admittedly this was Oliver’s birthday present)
  • Philips Hue lights
  • An Apple Watch 
  • And, lastly, on Friday a Nintendo Switch


I’ve renamed the Nintendo Switch “the Widowmaker” as I haven’t heard a lot from Dan over the weekend, the new Zelda game has taken over his life (and Oliver’s!) and talking about it has taken over our group WhatsApp chat! I mean, I’m obsessed with social media, I could watch Instagram Stories and vlogs and read blogs all day long but I’ve never got into tech that much, just give me a laptop with Word and the Internet and I’m good to go… I do love my iPhone though but I think I only use a small portion of its capabilities. I just don’t “get” this love of tech, and Dan’s obsession for it, but I guess he doesn’t get mine either. Horses for courses and all that!!

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