Date Nights When You’re a Parent

Date Nights When You're A Parent

Everyone says you should still have time as a couple after you have children, but do the people who say that remember what it’s like to have small babies?


Me and Dan had plenty of date nights/nights out pre-Grace. I think we were lulled into a false sense of freedom. We had three grandparents who were all happy to look after Oliver, and he was always happy to go get spoiled for a night. It’s not quite so easy though, when you throw in a second child. Especially when she’s a breastfed baby who doesn’t like people, or bottles, or sleeping.


Since I returned to work Grace has got much more comfortable with her grandparents which is a relief. I think spending time at nursery has been the best thing. As hard as it is to leave her, it is good for her. The extra time with my mum has helped too. That’s why we’re currently planning our SECOND date in over a year, just in time for my Birthday. We’re off for a happy hour special at a local Italian restaurant. I can’t wait! Our first date was nice, but it was just a quick lunch at a pub. It’s going to be good to go out on an evening, get a bit dressed up and stuff our faces!


But, as I’m so out of the game (and I haven’t had an alcoholic drink since I found out I was pregnant), I need your help. What do you wear for a date? I don’t even know what I have that fits! Will I drink too much? Will we even have anything to talk about, or will we spend the entire time texting my mum checking on Oliver and Grace?


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  1. Loved reading this! I cant offer any advice as to what to ware becasue even though my son is 6 now I can probably count how many times we have been out on one hand! Reading this has made me realise we need to make more time for just us! #blogtober17

    1. Thanks! Sometimes it just feels like you can never get the time doesn’t it. Mums just don’t give ourselves enough

  2. Try to enjoy yourself and not text too much! If she’s anything like T’s mum you’ll either not get a reply or get a ‘she’s fine, go enjoy yourself!’ text!

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