Does Liking Flowers Mean I’m Finally Growing Up?

When I was young my mum always had flowers around the house, a lovely colourful vase-full somewhere, and plants galore! The garden in spring and summer was always bright. There were many flowering varieties in borders and pots.


I never saw the point in them. I used to say “no, I don’t ever want flowers, they just die. Give me chocolate instead”. I did get a bunch here and there over the years, and I could appreciate their prettiness, but I just didn’t see the point. What a waste of money.


Of course we had flowers at our wedding, and they all were really lovely. The bouquets finished off mine and my bridesmaids outfits, and we bought the mothers a bunch each to say thank you. I wouldn’t have done without them, the flowers, but that’s possibly as I don’t know what we could have held instead. I think my arms would have felt a little lost!!

Wedding Flowers


I’m not sure when my thoughts on flowers changed. I remember one day, I think when I was pregnant with Grace, coming across discounted tulips in Tesco, 10p per bunch! I bought a couple and put them in my kitchen window. They really did seem to brighten up the place.


I’ve since had a few bunches, some when I went on maternity leave and some off Dan, and Oliver and Grace, and I do quite like them… but is this I sign that I am, finally, growing up? What do you think? Are you a fan of flowers?


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