My Mother’s Day Wishlist

Mother's Day Wish List

It’s less than two weeks until Mother’s Day! How has this sneaked up on me (and by me, I mean me, my husband and also my mum!)? I refused to give my husband any suggestions for gifts, however I decided to do a wishlist of goodies I’d love to receive.

I love looking at other people’s wish lists, I always try to get ideas for gifts from them, and if you’re the same why not take a look…


Mama Merch

Mama merch is the new “thing” and I love it.

A definite favourite of mine is mutha.hood. Not only is Gemma brilliant and hilarious on her insta-stories, the clothing and accessories she comes up with are just gorgeous. I got her Love Club pin for my birthday last year, and  I’d be happy to receive ANY of her other items for Mother’s Day (my birthday, Christmas, because it’s snowy… you get the idea).

Mother's Day Love Club
Mutha.Hood’s Love Club Pin


I’ve also recently come across This Mama Does who has just launched three brilliant t-shirts. I particularly love her “THIS IS NOT RELAXING” tee, which I’m sure all parents can relate to!



I know nothing about beauty, so don’t get any ideas.

I did have a great eye cream which did make me feel/look more awake… but a certain tiny someone has hidden it and I have no idea where it’s gone! So a replacement would be great, like this night time balm from No7.

I don’t wear make up often, but my current mascara is on it’s way out and I’ve been recommended Maybelline Lash Sensational… a new mascara would be a nice treat!

Also, I have the driest hands at the moment which I think is the fault of the longest winter ever, so lots and lots of hand cream wouldn’t go amiss (the three tubes in my handbag just aren’t enough!).



I’m not much of an interiors person, well actually that’s not quite true. There’s lots of things I like the look of, but either they wouldn’t go with our current style, or they wouldn’t go with my husband’s taste so I try to stick to simple items. Earlier this week I picked up a new plant pot in Wilko which seemed both inoffensive and pretty, and now I know it matches my kitchen there’s a larger version I have my eye on and it’s a bargain too!


The Dream

Us Mums (and I bet plenty of the Dads too) all have a dream gift they would like. To be honest, mine wouldn’t be any of the things on this wish list (though I’m not going to say no if one comes my way). It would be to have a long sleep, a leisurely morning, breakfast I can eat myself… and if I can’t have that? I’ll take a picture one of the children made any day!


Mums, what’s on your wish lists for this Mother’s Day? I’d love to know, leave me a comment below!


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  1. You are so right – I’d LOVE a motha.hood gift too! But I always stress that as long as I get a lay in and I don’t have to cook, happy days.

    Whatever you recieve, have a fabulous day.

    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

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