Mum of two

Mum Of Two

For the last two months I have been a mum of two. I still can’t quite believe it, I have two children! I can confidently say I wasn’t expecting it to be as tricky as it has been, juggling the needs of a seven year old and a two month old is harder than I thought!

Mum Of Two
Oliver and Grace on day one!

On one hand I knew it would take some adjustment. For such a long time I had been able to focus all my attention on only Oliver. We would spend weekends watching movies having cuddles on the sofa. We would sit together and read books. I didn’t know how I would fit a new person into the mix. I said to Dan on more than one occasion that having to keep another human alive was scary and I think it was because Oliver is now able to do so many things for himself. He showers and gets dressed, he can help himself to a glass of water. He can hold his head up! Going back to the start again was a daunting prospect.

On the other, I think I underestimated what having a newborn would be like. I remember when Oliver was small, we would come and go as we pleased, settling into our routine. We would both go back to bed for nap time and, as I lived with my parents at the time and he was a formula-fed baby, I had help (and babysitters) on tap. Now being a “grown up” with my own home, a husband who is back at work, and Oliver who has to be at school for 9am and evening activities, a breast-fed baby is something different entirely.

It is hard. I have help, my mum calls round usually a couple of times a week and Dan is of course here on evenings and all weekend but those hours where it’s just me, Oliver and Grace? It’s tough.

Don’t get me wrong, Oliver is a great big brother, he loves Grace so much and when she gets a bit older he will be a life saver, but at the minute he is desperate for her to be able to play, to sit up, to do something more than eat, sleep, cry, poo all while trying to explain random facts to me while she is tired and twisty, or get me to play mini Cluedo from a McDonald’s Happy Meal while I have a baby stuck to my boob.

Being a mum of two is definitely taking some adjusting to but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Here is to creating memories as a family of four 🙂

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