My Christmas Night Out Mum Guilt 🎄

Mum Guilt

So last Saturday night was my works Christmas do and there were some serious moments of Mum Guilt in the run up. But I went, I did it, and it was such a good night!

It was the first time I’ve left Grace (does leaving her with the nurse in the dentist waiting room count?!) She’s been with me to my six week check, a hospital appointment and the hairdressers to name a few. It’s hard, I know I could (potentially) leave her for some of these things but a) she has no routine and I have no idea when she will be hungry and b) I kind of don’t want to!

I was worried she would get hungry and not take a bottle. I worried she wouldn’t sleep. I worried about so many things. I think all of them, pretty much, revolved around sleeping and feeding! But I really shouldn’t have. Yes she refused her bottle, but I did feed her not long before I went out which wasn’t too far from bedtime, and Dan got both her and Oliver to bed so he had time to play his new computer game 🙄.

I think having that “adult time”, with people who I haven’t seen for a good while was definitely needed. There’s something about good food, laughter and dancing to really lift your spirits. I came home feeling good, refreshed almost (if you forget about that late night!), ready to get back to being Mum again after my break. I’ll just ignore that I only had about 4 and a half hours before she woke up… at least I didn’t have a hangover!

What do you think, is time away from being Mum important to you?

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