Parenting Solo – A Final Review

Parenting Solo A Final Review

I thought I’d catch you up on my parenting solo adventure. I first wrote about it back in May, when we dropped my husband at the airport for his trip to Germany (read Parenting Solo – Help Me! here). In my post Parenting Solo – How It All Went I did a bit of a review of the week and also gave a some tips which helped us get through it. Two weeks after Germany my husband went away again, this time to Spain… doesn’t that sound much more glamorous?

The Germany trip coincided with half term, but the Spain visit was when Oliver was back at school and his clubs were all back in full swing. I was apprehensive. Our first week went okay but I thought it would be harder when we were back to our normal routine.

Trip One v Trip Two

As I mentioned in my other posts having my husband go away in half term wasn’t too bad as we could make our own schedule for our days, and if we were running a bit late it didn’t matter. Some of Oliver’s clubs were off for the holiday which also made life a bit easier.

The Spain trip, being in a school week, was a bit more tricky. Take the first day, Tuesday, for example. Tuesdays are a busy day. We have school as usual 9-3.20, then Oliver has cookery club 3.20-5. The final activity is Cubs, 6.30-8. Grace usually has tea at 5pm, and (at this point) was going to bed at 7. Usually I pick Oliver up from school at 5pm, rush back to give Grace tea, cook Oliver’s then Dan takes him to Cubs and I get Grace in the bath, put to bed and sort some tea for us. We normally eat after I’ve picked Oliver up, then its pretty much time for bed! I had no idea how I was going to fit all this in on my own.

Thankfully, my Mum and Dan’s Mam were able to help. One took Oliver to cubs and the other picked him up. I couldn’t have been more grateful for mums at that point!!

A Final Review

Having had time to look back at both weeks and think about how both went I totally think Dan going away in the school holidays is the better option. I know that sounds a bit mental, as his being away meant that I had the full days with both children, but if he had been at home he would have likely been at work all week anyway. The usual timetable meant going away in a “normal” week was more stressful.

I can safely say I didn’t like him going away at all. I’ve tried to lay down the law and ban it in future, but not sure thats going to fly with Dan’s work! If he does go away again, I’ll have to take my own advice, be organised and ask for help. For now though, I’m pretending its not going to happen… and trying to forget he mentioned going back to Germany for Oktoberfest…


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