Rocking Motherhood

Rocking Motherhood

Some of you may have seen the Rocking Motherhood tag doing the rounds over the last few months. The tag was created by Pat at White Camellias to celebrate all the great things us mums do and to help us build ourselves, and each other, up. As mums I think we are so ready to knock ourselves and our accomplishments, which means the Rocking Motherhood idea is a great way to remember why we are great!


I was invited to take part in the tag by the lovely Alana at Burnished Chaos a few weeks back, and she was kind enough to explain to me what I had to do (you can tell I’m still new to all this)! I did find it tricky to come up with 10 things I thought justified me rocking being a mum, but I got there… sometimes the little things are the hardest to acknowledge.

So here are my ten ways I’m Rocking Motherhood:

  1. I’m keeping two children happy (for the most part), clean and fed which some days feels like a miracle when me and Dan sometimes don’t manage to eat until 9pm!
  2. Since having the added pressure of a small baby to fit into our schedule, I’m proud to say I always get Oliver to school on time. It may not seem like much, but some days just getting to 8.40am without someone having a meltdown is a massive accomplishment!
  3. I get told a lot that Oliver is always friendly, polite and well behaved, both at school and by friends and family – we might not always see it at home but I’m pleased other people do. All that nagging pays off!
  4. My cuddles manage to stop Grace’s crying… unless she’s having one of her drama queen meltdowns then nothing works!
  5. I have breastfed Grace almost exclusively, and we are still going as she is trying food. It was something I wanted to try but I didn’t have a goal in mind for how long I wanted to feed her for, so I’m really proud I’ve managed for seven months.
  6. I’m not ashamed I didn’t breastfeed Oliver longer than 10 days. I might be a little disappointed, but I was young and unprepared for how demanding it is.
  7. I’m opinionated, but quiet, so if something annoys me you won’t always know about it, but when it comes to my children, I am Mama, hear me roar!
  8. I always let Oliver know I love him. Grace is too little at the moment to get in on this, but when Oliver has been naughty or upset us I try to let him know that I will always love him even if I don’t like the way he has been behaving.
  9. Oliver loves to learn. It might be annoying and frustrating if we’re busy or tired, but he will always ask questions. He also loves to read non fiction just as much as fiction. I think letting him figure out solutions, rather than always just giving an answer to a problem, has really helped this part of his personality develop.
  10. I admit there are days when I just don’t want to mum any more. Since having Grace I definitely feel like I’ve lost a bit of “me” and I do some days yearn for the time in the future when I will be able to spend a couple of hours without her, maybe even go on a date with Dan! Having such an age gap between Oliver and Grace meant that, to an extent, we had got out independence back so it’s been hard starting again and being to depended on.

There you are, my ten ways I’m Rocking Motherhood. Some of these things have been hard to put into words, as you don’t want to feel like you’re thinking too much of yourself, but as I said earlier it’s good to remember that I am enough for my children.

So the next step is for me to nominate some other wonderful mum bloggers to take part in this too, I have chosen:

I know these mums are Rocking Motherhood from both their blogs and fab Instagram accounts but now it’s their turn to make the list!! Here are the rules…

  • thank the blogger who tagged you, and link their blog
  • list 10 ways you are Rocking Motherhood (I don’t mind if you pick more or less, 10 is just a guide ?)
  • tag 3-5 bloggers to have a go after you
  • add the Rocking Motherhood badge to your post or sidebar (you can find the code here on the White Camellias page)

I can’t wait to see what these ladies come up with! I know Pat would too so make sure you tweet her at @whitecamelias!

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