Our Top 3 Noisy Toys

Noisy Toys

Why are children’s toys so noisy! When you’ve been woken up through the night, and your baby decides 5.30am is the best time to start the day the last thing you want is noisy toys. But no! Mr Fisher Price, good old V-Tech and the rest don’t care about this, they want to make Mum and Dad’s life as miserable as possible. I don’t want nursery rhymes, farmyard animals, or songs about body parts loud enough to filter up the stairs where the other members of the family peacefully sleep! I want soft teddies who can quietly have an ear chewed while we sit in the half light and get ready for the day ahead!

Of course, I know that the toys are made for the delight of little minds. This doesn’t make the noise pollution any more forgivable though! However, as Grace is playing more and more each week now, here are her top three toys at the moment:

Our Top 3 Noisy Toys

Lights and Sounds Buggy Driver from Early Learning Centre. This is a new addition to Grace’s toy collection and she hasn’t figured out what all the buttons do, but she does like the mirrors and the horn. It also comes in red, blue and green.

Baby Safari Rolling Toy from Mothercare. Now this isn’t electronic, but its still bloody noisy! It has balls inside which rattle when it’s moved and Grace loves attacking it. I can see it only getting worse too as she learns to crawl and push it along.

First Steps Baby Walker from VTech. I think its hard to pick which bit Grace likes best on this. She is really keen on the little phone (which is actually really quiet!) but she also loves the little door which shouts “peekaboo” when you open it. I do not.

Our Top Three Noisy Toys

This Too Shall Pass

I should look at this stage will a bit more positivity I think, as I do know we won’t have the noisy baby toys for too long. When Lego, technology, dolls and action figures all come along there will be no time for the noisy toys. I would appreciate them more if they only worked after 8am though!

What do you think, are you a lover or a hater of the noisy toy? What’s your little one’s favourite toy? Let me know in the comments!

** I have not been paid or asked to write about any of these products, they are simply toys we have bought or been given for Grace, and the opinions are all my own **

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  1. My friend once passed on to me a large aeroplane type toy and I thought ‘great, the kids will love this’, then I realised why she didn’t want it any more. It was the loudest thing ever with no volume control, the most irritating catchy tune ever and the kids LOVED it pressing it over and over and over. It ended up on top of our fridge where they couldn’t reach it and I slyly took it to the charity shop. When I told my friend she laughed ‘muh ha ha’. She knew!

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