Week Four Weigh Day… delayed!

So last week was week four weigh day and I was over the moon! I lost another 3lbs and am under my pre-pregnancy weight!

Well, I say I am under that weight, maybe more accurately is I was. I haven’t weighed myself since but I totally fell off the healthy eating wagon one day last week and I’m really struggling to get back on. I know I will have put plenty of weight back on (even if I did get my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans on over the weekend 😬). 

I’m such an emotional eater. Something to celebrate? Let’s go for tea! Shitty day? Bring me all the pizza and chocolate! Exhausted because the baby kept me up all night? Takeaway! Add to that the lack of food in the house due to unorganised, sleepy food shopping and a clingy baby so the difficulty in preparing anything that needs more than one hand and we have all eaten junk for the past five days or so. It’s not so bad for skinny Oliver who runs it all off in the school yard or Dan who goes to the gym five times a week but it will have taken its toll on me, I’m sure of that.

I have still been starting off the day pretty well for the most part, yoghurt and oats, alpen light bars, but chocolate called by 9.30 (haha) and the food slowly got worse as the days went on 🙁 never mind, at least I know what I’ve done wrong! Draw a line and all that!

I’m going to go back to making a note of everything I’m eating and try and post a bit more of my food on my Instagram page, but you might see less about it all on here. I’ll keep you updated at least once a month though, and hopefully by the time I come to write about this again I’ll have picked up some tasty new recipes 🙂

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