Week One Weigh Day

So, after last weeks pledge that I was going to lose some weight, be healthier, etc, today was weigh in number 1. You can see where this is going right…?? I put on a pound.

I know why. Nando’s for tea last night was just the tip of the iceberg, the numerous shortbread biscuits and chocolate are likely more to blame! Still, I hoped some miracle would happen and I could eat all the crap but still lose something, but no. Never mind, at least there’s no mystery!

Last night I made a plan for today’s food and, I think I’m doing alright so far, I resisted the Pringles Oliver ate earlier so that’s good.

Today’s meals have been:


  • Oats, yoghurt and banana (which I managed to eat at 10am ish!)


  • Pasta, baked beans and 30g cheese (this is such a random combination but it’s pure comfort food and I love it)


  • Jacket potato with tuna mayo and cheese (not weighed this time, oops!)


  • Peanut butter ball (oats, peanut butter, cocoa powder, honey – I pinched one from the fridge while sorting Oliver’s breakfast and packed lunch)
  • Alpen light double chocolate bar
  • A sneaky shortbread (I’m unable to resist their powers!)

Those of you who have done Slimming World may recognise that a lot of this is free or Healthy Extra choices for their Extra Easy plan and it was what I kind of intended to follow. I’ve done Slimming World a couple of times, once very successfully but when I stopped going to group I eventually put it all back on. But I know it works, even without all the “speed food” they recommend as I’m too picky to eat loads of fruit and veg, so I’m going to try and eat more along those lines I think. Just need to curb my snacking…

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