Week Two Weigh Day

Sorry it’s late! Weigh day was yesterday but here is the next instalment in my Weightloss Wednesday.

Well! Week two was better than week one! I lost 5lb! I’m really pleased and in all honesty pretty surprised.

I can’t say I’ve been an angel and stuck to healthy eating all week, that would be a lie, I only really got my head in gear on Monday so I was just hoping to lose anything. But 5lb! I just hope it doesn’t all come back next week.

I think the hardest thing at the moment (three days in haha) is finding easy things for lunch so that Grace doesn’t lose patience and being organised for tea. There’s nothing worse than getting to 5pm and not having a clue what to cook and having nothing in the fridge. That tends to be when I reach for chicken nuggets or fish fingers. But Dan is eating healthily too so he’s keeping me on track, if he doesn’t want to eat the junk from the freezer then we have to cook something sensible and it works it well for both of us. 

I think my favourites this week have been oats and yogurt for breakfast. Its overnight oats, only I don’t bother with the overnight bit, just stick it all in a bowl together and mix it up. Yum ?

I have no particular plans on Saturday so I might have a look at maybe doing some batch cooking, but it might have to wait until after pay day or after we get our next meat hamper (should get that ordered). Do you have any suggestions for freezer friendly meals for picky eaters trying to be healthy? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Hey Em… are you on Pinterest? There are loads of great slimming world friendly recipes on there, it’s fab for ideas! I have a sw board if you want to take a look… sw brownies was one if my faves to help with snacking issues http://pin.it/ylz-c-6 (definitely my problem area too!) …think you have to be a little careful to double check some of them but if you’ve done it before you’ll have an idea of what you shouldn’t have, for the most part their fab, even if just for inspiration and you can tweak them to include just the things you like 🙂 xx

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