Weightloss Wednesday 

4th January 2016. It was a Monday. It was the day I decided to draw a line under all the Christmas excess for the year and focus on losing a bit of weight. In all honesty, I wasn’t that shocked by the number I saw on the scale as it had been creeping up over the weeks beforehand, however it was the heaviest I had weighed since I was pregnant with Oliver in 2008/09. I mean, I wasn’t the same I was at 41weeks+5 when he arrived but I wasn’t a million miles away, and I put on 3 stone with that pregnancy!

So, I weighed myself, took some “before” pictures and started considering what to do to shift some pounds.

Then 6 days later I found out I was pregnant. 

All ideas of dieting and weight loss flew out the window faster than, well, me running to get more celebratory cake! I had wanted to be one of those slim ladies you see with the round petite bump when I got pregnant for the second time, but I had to put up with the reality that wasn’t going to be me and, as the weeks passed by, I came to term with the fact that even if I had weighed stones less I would have still looked like the enormous mess I did by the end!

I put on 4 stone this time round! I didn’t even think it was possible for me to weigh as much as I did, but I just seemed ever expanding. My hands ballooned, my feet ballooned, even my face and my calves. Wearing most clothes was a struggle as everything dug in uncomfortably.

A few weeks after having Grace I weighed myself again and I had lost around 3 of the 4 stones. I’ve never been so relieved for water retention. I was so worried most of the weight would be actual weight gain and not just baby or water so to only be left with just under a stone I was over the moon!

I vowed to shift it and be at my pre-pregnancy weight by Christmas. “Ha, this will be easy”, I thought happily in October.

That, of course, did not happen! Ive taken full advantage of needing extra calories for breastfeeding and although I lost some, I was still carrying extra weight going into the holiday period.

So here we are again, 4th January. I have weighed myself again and I’m not too unhappy with what I’ve seen. I’m less than half a stone heavier than 12 months ago and as Grace turns 4 months this week I don’t think that’s half bad! Of course it’s heavier than I want and I am going to lose some weight. I’ve done it before and I will do it again, I just need to decide how… I’ve done Slimming World, meal replacement shakes, tried calorie counting and even clean eating in the past few years.

So I’m open to suggestions, what would you recommend to help me shed some pounds? Thanks! ? x

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  1. I am joining slimming world as soon as I’ve had this baby and will be doing classes so we could try and do some classes together and go on walks to keep active x x

    1. Sarah, that’s ages away!!! Hopefully by that time Grace will manage to let me do something for 30mins without carrying her though! x

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