What is Sleep?

What Is Sleep

“Is she good?” People would ask. I would stand there, feeling pretty pleased with myself, and reply “yes, I can’t believe how well she sleeps!” Even in the early weeks I remember the Health Visitor asking me whether Grace slept for 4 hours in a block and I enthusiastically said “yes, she goes from 10pm to 4am some nights!”. I raved to people how all babies really are different and it was nice to have a baby who slept well. After a couple of months she was sleeping all the way from 7 or 8pm to about 5am, it was amazing!

Well more fool me! It would seem she was tricking us, lulling us into a false sense of security.

Will I Sleep Again?

About two weeks before Christmas her sleeping started going downhill and we’re still to reach the bottom! First she began waking up around 3am every day and being really awake, so that was my get up time for a few weeks, but the last two weeks have been torture. She came down with a cold and things have never been the same.


What Is Sleep Three Months


When I was pregnant Dan started sleeping on the sofa bed as there wasn’t enough room for us both (and my cushions and overheating) to be comfortable. He also had a sore shoulder so the firmer mattress was helping with that too. Since he went back to work after Christmas he has started sleeping there again, as the early morning wake ups from Grace have really been a struggle before a long day at work, but he was craving the comfort of our bed. It seems, though, that is not to be. We just about manage to get Grace into her cot for bedtime but once she has that first wake up, that’s it. She will not go back in! Poor Dan got kicked out on Friday night so Grace could have his side of the bed!

The last two nights though have just been horrendous. As I say, she has a cold and is really under the weather, and last night she had us both up in shifts from midnight, sitting upright so she could sleep in between her crying sessions ? so today has been a struggle and I’m just hoping she is going to pull through soon so we can all try and get some sleep… please??


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