It’s been quite a week for us, so apologies for the lack of posts. Grace had her first immunisations last Thursday and was still rough earlier this week. It was awful. Combining that with the heavy cold I’ve had has made this week tough. She’s on the mend now and, apart from the bad night last night, I’m feeling okay… could be something to do with the nap we’ve both had this afternoon ?

Anyway, back to the title of this blog post, babywearing.

After I had Oliver this was never something I really considered, he was a big baby (as is Grace) so I thought it would just be tricky and cumbersome to be honest. However, this time round, and spending a lot of my time at home alone, I thought it could be a bit of a life saver if I could find some sort of baby carrier so I could get on with jobs or preparing dinner while not having to leave Grace necessarily.

I spoke to friends and family for advice and also to Nyomi from (I love her blog, check it out here) as I know she babywears a lot.

Nyomi recommended the North East Sling Library where you can go and hire a baby carrier rather than buying something which may be totally unsuitable for you and your baby.

So I did!

Me and Grace went to a lovely little cafe earlier this week and met Rachel from NESL who fitted us with a Connecta baby carrier.

I haven’t had much chance to try it out yet but I have it on loan for a month so I will be back to let you know how we got on later!

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  1. Congrats on launching your blog! So pleased you were able to check the sling library out. The connecta is a nice carrier, you can get some gorgeous patterns in it too. Thanks for mentioning me and my blog too!!

    1. You’re welcome ? thanks for all your help and advice! I know, I had a look on their website, I could easily buy loads of different ones!

    1. Thank you Sinead! Thanks for checking me out! I’m still trying to become used to babywearing, but every day’s a school day, right? ?

    1. I’m happier with the babyhawk I’ve had this past month but still not 100% it’s “the one”, I think I just love the idea of trying loads out!

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