Beefeater Whitley Bay – Review

Beefeater Whitley Bay Review

I love going out to eat, and it’s something we do a lot (some would say too much) as a family. It’s getting more difficult as Grace becomes a fully fledged toddler, but we still try. Recently we were invited to try out the new Beefeater restaurant in Whitley Bay. It’s not a chain that I can remember ever going to, but I’d heard good reports about one of their restaurants in the Midlands that Dan visited with work so I jumped at the chance.


The Restaurant

We arrived early for our 12pm booking, and were asked to wait in the bar area while they finished setting everything up. Beefeater serve breakfast as well as being open from 12pm for lunch, dinner and light bites, so they were tidying up between the two sittings.

Everything seemed great, but I was a little disappointed that another family came into the restaurant and were seated before us. It felt unorganised, and I had to mention again we had a reservation to get our table.


The bar area was clean and spacious, and later I saw a couple having some food there, which I think is a good idea if you do just want a snack with your drink. The bar itself seemed well stocked.


Beefeater Bar Area


The restaurant was also clean, with large windows so it felt bright and airy. When me and Dan go on date nights (as if that happens a lot!) I like a cosy atmosphere, but for lunch with the kids I prefer to be able to see whats going on. You can tell the restaurant is pretty new, as everything was really fresh. The decor was bright, but not in your face, and it all had a nice feel to it.


Beefeater Restaurant



A pet hate of mine is dirty high chairs when we eat out. I know children drop food, but I hate it when the straps are all covered in mess and there’s no excuse not to clean the chair/table section. I have to say though, the highchair was spotless. That’s always a good sign, and a big tick from me.


Beefeater Highchair


Another good thing to note was that both the ladies and men’s toilets were clean and tidy.



The Food

We were given the Main Menu and the Kids Menu to make our choices from. We had already taken a sneak peek on the Beefeater website so had a couple of things in mind to try out.



Grace got stuck straight in to her Cod Bites with Chips and Beans, but Dan, Oliver and I all ordered starters.

Oliver chose Nachos from the Kids menu. He enjoyed the cheesy tortilla chips, but wasn’t a fan of the yoghurt dip (I wasn’t either to be honest). It was quite a small portion. I’m not sure what age the Kids menu goes up to but for an older or hungrier child I’m not sure this would be enough.


Beefeater Nachos


Dan chose Grilled Koftas and for me it was Duck Pate (both £5.69). The presentation of both starters was really nice. My plate was quite simple but that suited me and Dan’s was really colourful. We both enjoyed our starters, the pate was so tasty but I think another piece of toast would have been good. The flavour of Dan’s starter was great, I liked the bit I tried more than I expected.


Beefeater Lamb Koftas
Lamb Koftas
Beefeater Duck Pate
Duck Pate



Main Courses

As I mentioned above, Grace had Cod Bites which came with chips and beans for her meal, and Oliver ordered a DIY tortilla (both from the Kids menu). The tortilla came with vegetables, coleslaw, grated cheese and more yoghurt dip. Oliver’s not a big veg fan, so we asked for them to be swapped for chips. When his meal came the waitress explained they couldn’t not give us the veg, but brought chips too which was good.

Grace struggled with her cod bites. She’s had fish fingers before and they have been ok but the batter on the bites was a bit too crispy for her lack of teeth. I tried one and it was tasty, but I think because they were small there was too much batter and not enough fish for her.


Beefeater Cod Bites
Cod Bites


Oliver really enjoyed making his own wraps, a wrap is his favourite kind of sandwich anyway so this was always likely to be a success. He thought it was fun to be able to make them himself. The chicken looked good, it was a small piece of grilled chicken breast and was nicely cooked. My only criticism on this would be the same as the starter, it was quite small. Oliver’s 8 but he can eat a lot more than this, so if we didn’t go for three courses for him I don’t think he would have had enough… and I’m not ready to start buying him food from the adult menu just yet!!


Beefeater Tortilla
“That’s a Wrap, Folks” – the DIY Tortilla


I ordered the Double Bacon and Cheese Steak Beef Burger (£11.99) and Dan picked the Minted Rump of Lamb (£15.19). I love a burger, and this one was sooooo good. It was massive too. I opted for chunky Triple Cooked Chips which were delicious and the burger was cooked really well. Dan had tried a lamb dish when went to the Beefeater in the Midlands, so had high hopes for this one, and he did enjoy it. It was served on a bed of kale with dauphinoise potatoes. It looked really hearty and warming, which was perfect for the windy weather we were having that day.


Beefeater Burger
Double Bacon and Cheese Steak Beef Burger
Beefeater Lamb
Minted Rump of Lamb




So of course, we had to try some desserts. You know, just to give a true, all round review… honest, thats why…

Oliver picked from the Premium Puds on the Kids menu and went for Mini Donuts. These were so cute. He had something like this before from a different restaurant chain, and wasn’t disappointed with the Beefeater offering. It was just enough to finish for him, and they seemed like lots of fun.


Beefeater Donuts
Mini Donuts


Me and Dan both picked Mississippi Mud Pie (£5.29). Again this is something we’ve had before, it’s one of our favourite desserts and this one didn’t disappoint. It was so rich and so delicious. The only problem was, after eating two really good courses, the Pie was just too much! We should have just shared!


Beefeater Mud Pid
Mississippi Mud Pie



Value for Money

As I mentioned, the children’s portions were small for older children. That being said I do think the Kids menu is good value, especially when you get more than one course. It cost us £4.85 for Grace’s meal with a glass of squash, but for three courses and a squash (with a regular pudding) it costs only £5.99. We did pay an extra 99p for Oliver’s mini donuts, but I still think that’s okay.

The prices for the adult meals were about normal, in comparison to other restaurants which serve similar food. We wouldn’t usually go all out and get three courses each, but we wanted to try everything for the review. There is also a Daytime Saver menu on the Beefeater website, which runs Monday – Saturday 12-6.30. This has many of the main meals from the main menu which would give excellent value for money.



My Verdict

I think all in all our experience at the Beefeater Whitley Bay restaurant was brilliant. The staff were all friendly and helpful, the whole place was clean and tidy and the food was delicious. I will definitely be back next time we’re in the area.




I was provided with a complimentary meal in exchange for this review. The views and opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not influenced by Beefeater.


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