Connecta review

So as I mentioned a few weeks back I loaned a Connecta baby carrier from the North East Sling Library. Today is the day I returned it so I thought I’d give you my thoughts on it.

When I first got the carrier I thought it looked nice and easy to use and hoped it would be really helpful. We have used it several times but not actually as many as I thought and I think that’s because I struggled with getting it on correctly.

On the face of it, putting on the Connecta is dead easy. Fasten the waist strap really tight, hold baby in position then get the straps over your shoulders and clip them in. I got good instructions from Rachel at the Sling Library on how to put it on but I struggled to get the cross over of the shoulder straps low enough, I always felt I was wearing it round my neck rather than my shoulders which is not right. Even when I would pull the cross down it slid straight back up. When I spoke to Rachel today she said it was riding up as there was too much slack in the body of the carrier, it was tight enough round Grace’s bum and lower back but not as it went higher up. I had thought that it wasn’t right but I really struggled to get it any more snug.

I do think the Connecta is great, and the problem I had was nothing to do with the carrier specifically (more me!). The simplicity of them is ideal and I know lots of people who use them very successfully… plus they come in some beautiful colours and patterns, but it sadly just wasn’t the one for me.

On to the next one… a BabyHawk Mei Tai ?

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