Pretty Little Missy

I love receiving post. Proper, old fashioned, through the letter box, post. Not so much bills, but birthday cards, new baby cards, anything lovely and touchable. Dan doesn’t get it, he would rather never send a card, never use pen and paper for anything, he’s all about the technology.

I love receiving post the most, though, when I forget I’ve ordered something and it then becomes a surprise!

That’s what happened with my parcel from Pretty Little Missy. They are sisters I found on instagram who make lovely little things for girls; skirts, hair bows, and the like. Very, very cute. I ordered Grace a skirt from them a couple of weeks ago then promptly forgot about it. Oops!

The first thing I noticed was that the parcel fit through the letter box. That’s a big tick for me. I’m impressed. Although I’m home more now being on maternity leave, I still hate having to go to the post office if I miss a delivery. Even though it was letter box size, the parcel was big enough to keep my order nice and flat inside, nothing worse than opening a delivery of clothes and everything is all crumpled and squashed into a tiny plastic wrapper!

What's in the box!
What’s in the box!

Inside, I was even more impressed, not only did I get the skirt I ordered, but I got a cute little hair bow which I wasn’t expecting (though now the M2M bow listed on the order makes more sense, I thought it was the bow on the skirt) and some sweeties! It was such a lovely touch from the ladies at Pretty Little Missy.

The finish of the skirt is really good, and I was really pleased with the service I received from Pretty Little Missy even though I bought a sale item. Originally, the fabric I chose came with a lace trim. I messaged them to ask whether it could be made without the lace, expecting a no in all honesty. I got a reply pretty much straight away to let me know that yes, they could make the skirt without the lace, and just to let them know when I had ordered so they could make a note. I think it took all in all about two weeks for me to receive the skirt, which I don’t think is bad with it being handmade to order.

I ordered 3-6months (the smallest size) so I wasn’t sure whether Grace would be able to wear it yet as she is a bit in between sizes (only 10weeks old) but it actually fit really well. There is plenty of length in the skirt so hopefully she will be able to wear it for the next few months, I just hope the waistband doesn’t get too tight as it was already nice and snug. Check out my instagram for a picture of her showing off the skirt and the cute little bow ?

You can see Pretty Little Missy’s instagram here or head over to their website!

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